OMA Football Academy was founded in 2018 under the body name Cool Sports Management Limited. They had a vision of having a year-round soccer academy as typical in Nigeria and Africa. OMA Football Academy is focused on developing youngsters on their soccer talents and committed to encouraging soccer in players of all ages.


The mission of OMA Football Academy is to provide an organized, educational football program for players in 1st through 8th grade. We offer equal opportunity for our athletes to learn fundamental football skills including sportsmanship, integrity and teamwork. It is our responsibility to provide a competitive yet safe environment to foster our players’ appreciation of the game and develop life skills that extend beyond the game of football.


All players, both returning and new, will be afforded the same opportunities to practice, learn and develop their football skills in a constructive and safe environment.

Our players will develop mental and physical abilities through a commitment to structured practices.

We will strive to serve as many children as possible and ensure that our athletes have fun whether winning or losing by creating an environment that is positive, honest and educational.

OMA Football Academy will seek to provide opportunities for our kids to positively expand their life experiences.

OMA Football Academy will give back to our communities and model fairness, service, and selflessness as values essential for our children to learn.


Our values create the sense of purpose to ensure that we succeed as a world leading organization. We take immense pride in our values which are critical to Aspires long term success.


We are accountable for using and developing our individual and collective capabilities to achieve outstanding results both for the individual and for the community.

Synergy and Teamwork:

We work together collaboratively to achieve our strategy in a spirit of cooperation and support, valuing each other’s skills and contributions.


We fulfill our responsibilities to be leaders in our professional discipline through the application of best practices in a scientific, caring and committed way.


We build trust through loyalty, honesty, ethical standards and fairness. We never take advantage of a privileged position for personal gain.


We honor sensitively the values, rights and needs of others and embrace the diversity provided by everyone, irrespective of culture, orientation, race, class or gender.


We constantly research, create and develop new solutions to deliver outstanding results for our student-athletes, partners and society.

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